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    PRIME HingeTech

    Every week we get numerous emails asking us what makes PRIME shades different than your typical inexpensive gas station sunglasses. The answer is simple, PRIME HingeTech. We figured it was finally time to make a blog post on the site showing you exactly what the 2 huge benefits of HingeTech are all about.

    1) The number 1 requirement when first designing our shades was that they needed to have a strong hinge. Being that we all live an active lifestyle, we wanted to make sure our shades could withstand taking a digger on the slopes, getting a basketball to the face or even taking a punch.

    2) Oversized melon? no problem! HingeTech allows wearers with larger heads to still have a snug fit. Being that the arms can  extend outward, they can expand to fit you wide-headed individuals. The spring-loaded hinges lightly pull inward on the arms to ensure the shades won’t slide off.



    Notice in the image below, the arms of all PRIME Shades’ can be pulled out an extra 45 degrees without any issues. The hinges allow for this flex! Once flexed out, each hinge is spring-loaded that pull the arms back in.